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A Prayer for God's Will

Mighty God, we realize that when in the Lord's Prayer we pray "Thy will be done" that we are also praying "Thy kingdom come." When Jesus Christ returns and your kingdom comes, then your will shall be perfectly done upon the earth even as it is in heaven.

Moreover, Lord, when we do your will, your kingdom has come in us.

Thus, if we would be citizens of your kingdom, we need only to obey your will.

This shows us then, Lord, that the most important thing in the world is obedience to your will, and the most important words in the world are, "Thy will be done."

Help us, Lord, to seek your will for our lives in perfect faith. Help us to say the words gladly, no matter what your will may be for us.

Lord, we can pray "thy will be done" because of your wisdom. Sometimes, when we want something done, we take it to a person who knows about it, and we say, "You are the expert, do what you think ought to be done." Even so, you are the expert, Lord, and we know that we can trust you to do what ought to be done with our lives.

Also Lord, we can pray "thy will be done" because we are sure of your love. We know that you will never mock us or harm us because you love us. We know that you will do what is best for us because you are the God whose name is love. Romans 8:32 says that you did not spare your own son but gave him up for us. If you would do that, we can be assured that you will give us everything else along with the beloved Son.

Whenever we look at the cross then, we cannot doubt your love, Lord, and if we are sure of your love, we can always pray that we will know, obey, and submit to your will in all things--even as the angels do in heaven. Amen.


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