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A Prayer to "OUR FATHER"

0 Lord, in the preface to the Lord's prayer, we call upon you as "Our Father who art in heaven."

People have called upon you by many names, but this is the one that touches our hearts and stirs up our prayers, for this name teaches us to come to you as little children to a loving father.

As little children, we came to our parents with every confidence that they could fix and make well whatever was wrong.

Even so, we come to you, 0 Lord--with confidence in your power, and with the assurance that because you love us, you will help us and be with us.

Thus, we know that you will hear our prayers and answer our prayers.

You are the Lord of heaven, which is to say that you are the lord of the life to come, but our heart leaps at the thought that you do not sit upon some heavenly throne so remote from us that we must have priest or preacher to intercede for us.

Not so, Lord.

Whoever we are or wherever we may be, we can say, "Our Father" and know that you are with us.

O God, because you are "our Father," our heart longs for you as a child longs for his parents.

Thus, our true happiness is to be in your presence. Indeed we only live, truly live, when we are in your presence.

This is the whole purpose of our prayer life--to be always talking to you and to be always aware of you.

Moreover, as the child imitates the father, so, 0 Lord, it is our joy to imitate you.

Our love, our desire, our zeal is to get our thoughts and attitudes from you so that we may say "Our Father" not only with our words, but with our deeds.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


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